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*Insurance Information for Lymphedema Sequential Pumps, and Various Garments: 


*We only accept Commercial, Private, Auto's, and Workers Comp Insurance's only after your doctors office or therapy clinic receives a Prior-Approval Auth# for us to bill your insurance for the equipment being ordered by your doctor, At this time we do Not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Blue Cross Plans.

*We require All Prescriptions/C.M.N.'S Completely filled in with date, patient name, DOB,

*Diagnosis Codes various Examples here, 457.0 and 457.1 also 197.2 is used to specify a diagnosis of postmastectomy lymphedema, also 189.0 Lymphedema not elsewhere classified.

*Insurance Cards front and back,


*Patient Face Sheet,*Documentation Letter by the Doctor that the Patient has tried 4 weeks of trial therapy, Excersize, Elevation, wears a compression sleeve, has underwent any MLD, physical therapy, etc.. and symptoms remain,

*Limitations going forward caused by lymphedema, list what they are, Examples like Bathing, Walking, Movement, Range of Motion Issues, Donning Sleeves, Can't Wrap Limb, etc..


*Insurance info for all other equipment needs are:

*Doctors Certificate of Medical Need/Script, filled in completely, how long has patient had symptoms, outlook for the condition, Trial Therapy if any and what kind of trial therapy ?

*Diagnosis, Cancer what kind, any Wounds, any Pain, Etc..

*Patient Face Sheet

*Insurance Cards front and back 

*We only accept Commercial, Private, Auto's, and Workers Comp Insurance's only, By getting a Prior-Approval only from these insurance companies, at this time we do Not accept Medicare, Medicade, or Blue Cross Plans.

*Our Fax Line is #888-283-9299 For all documentation.