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Lymphedema Home Pumps

Lymphedema is the result of fluid accumulation in a blocked lymph channel causing pain and swelling in the arms or legs. Lymphedema is not uncommon, affecting at least 3 million Americans. Primary Lymphedema can occur at different stages in life without obvious cause. Secondary Lymphedema can develop after surgery or radiation therapy for various cancers, and still others can develop from trauma or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Since there is no known cure, Lymphedema treatment is the only way to control the condition. Lymphedema treatment can include the use of antibiotics to relieve swelling if infection is present. If no infection is present, the Lymphedema treatment and Lymphedema products recommended depend on the severity of the symptoms. 

Lymphedema products used in managing the condition may include pressure garments or bandages, and Lymphatic Pumps and sleeves that message the limbs. Always consult a physician before using any Lymphedema products on the affected site.